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Relaxing for body and mind

Our inflorescences have several advantages and properties, they are created ad hoc by internationally renowned geneticists. This flower are able to offer you a regenerating and relaxing experience for both body and mind.

Premium cannabis light

Our Cannabis Light derives from the female inflorescences of industrial hemp Sativa L. Once selected, the flowers are hand-cut and naturally dried.

The effects of CBD





1 gr. / 3 gr.

Blue Moon

The inflorescences collection’s Blue Moon light cannabis inflorescences release a sweet and fruity aroma. Light green in colour, the flowers are soft and compact to the touch and a little larger compared to the other varieties.

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1 gr. / 3 gr.

Purple Haze

The lively essence of violet is the hallmark of Purple Haze. The green shades meet purple and orange notes: soft to the touch, but at the same time solid and well structured.

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1 gr. / 3 gr.

Black Betty

Of all The Secret Pot’s inflorescences, Black Betty is the one with the most intense and pungent aroma. Its distinctive feature is its colour, clearly darker than the others. Of medium size, it shows a firm consistency and is hard to the touch.

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1 gr. / 3 gr.

Orange Crush

An unmistakeable citrus fragrance characterizes Orange Crush, together with its warm orangey tones. Fresh and vibrant, these inflorescences are medium in size and are hard and compact to the touch.

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Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab‘s colours are the brightest in The Secret Pot’s entire range. With a strong and energetic aroma, this variety has a medium-sized flower with a dense and solid consistency.

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Enjoy relax!